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Choose to study in UAE and drench yourself in the rain of knowledge along with its intercultural and innovative experiences. In addition to great quality education, you must also consider potential tax-free income after your graduation. Plus, not to mention other recreational amenities that can enliven your mood and freshen you up during semester breaks.

Indeed, if you choose to study in Dubai, it will never disappoint to meet all your aspirations with regard to education, infrastructure, safety and great quality of life.

Enrich Yourself By Choosing To Study in UAE

The process of studying in UAE is pretty simple. The first thing you need to do is select a program you are interested to take. Once decided, you can take help of a study in UAE student consultant to draw your study plan and select the institute you want to study in. Then, prepare to make the move and start living in UAE.

Accredited universities and colleges secure visas for their students. While you opt for this endeavour, you must keep in mind that getting admission in a university does not guarantee visa grant. Your visa grant depends on a number of factors including: security check, medical fitness test and approval of the GDRFA in the relevant emirate. To understand these intricacies and technicalities, it is best to take help of a professional study in UAE student consultant.

The tuition fee usually depends on your course and its duration; whereas, the cost of living also highly depends on your way of living, but you can roughly expect it to be somewhere between $350 to $450 monthly.

Universities in UAE

Universities in UAE offer top-notch experience to its students. You can easily gauge the calibre of universities there by the fact that 8 of the country’s universities have been ranked in QS World University Rankings. There are 2 public and around 80 private universities in UAE. A significant number of universities there are branches of popular international universities; therefore, remains number one preference of international students.

UAE Universities

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