What We Offer

What We Offer

Tailored Counselling

A bright and promising career starts, when the very first step is taken in the right direction. However, today’s age of internet and readily available information can put a lot of pressure on students, leaving them in a perplexed state. Consequently, affecting a student’s ability to decide a career path that will lead to a successful future. This is where our service of student counselling comes. At Lexmark Consultants, we have experts and experienced professionals, who render best guidance to the aspirants. In our student counselling sessions, we inculcate students with complete knowledge and information about all the choices that they have, keeping in consideration their interests and forte. Our officers and consultants conduct one-on-one sessions with students. From deciding where to go, which college to select and which course to study, we are there to guide our students in the best way possible.

Free Student Assessment

At Lexmark Consultants, we are driven by the passion to aid students to secure enrolments in their desired institutes. We know that immigration laws, admission prerequisites and financial matters can be complex for students. These intricate details confuse pupils about their eligibility. Therefore, in our student assessment sessions, we aim to answer all the top questions of students, who want to study abroad. As we work closely with each student, we have an idea that fulfilling the dream of earning a degree from an international institute is not a mean feat and requires a solid financial backing. To reduce burden from their shoulders, we offer the service of assessment absolutely free of cost. But of course, it doesn’t mean that we compromise on the quality of our service. In the student assessment process, we determine a student’s eligibility in their preferred institute, discuss visa requirements, talk about immigration risks and documents requirements. In short, through this session, we assess eligibility and evidence that an applicant is required to present for the grant of a student visa.

Secure Admission for Students

When we say we adopt a holistic approach while providing our service, we actually mean it. We take pride in representing our students and pull off our best efforts to secure admission for our students in their preferred universities. Our qualified and highly professional agents provide you information about the commencement of enrolment, application methods, documents required, and other key details about the admission process in your preferred university. We have a systematic procedure in place that helps us in securing admissions for our students in their first choice of university. We opt for a profile building system that matches students with the perfect institute for them, ensuring hundred percent success in securing admission.


At Lexmark, we completely understand that aiming to acquire higher education from abroad isn’t possible for students from marginalised groups. We realise that students who belong to marginalised group have less opportunities to pursue advanced education or specialty training. Lexmark Consultants is committed to expand equity in the field of education. Therefore, we work closely with our partnered universities and institutes to bring scholarships for our students. It’s our priority to inform students about all the available scholarships so that they can exploit the opportunity to make their dreams come true. Besides universities, there are different institutes and regulatory bodies and in some countries, even the government also offers brusaries and scholarships to international students.

Visa and Interview Preparation

If visa and admission interviews wreck your nerves, you don’t need to fret about it anymore. When a student avails our consultancy, we make sure that we provide him/her our service in such a way that he/she wouldn’t have to worry about a thing including visa and interview preparation. Preparing up for an interview is a lot more than about Googling a list of common interview questions. You actually have to make a great first impression, have a lot of knowledge about the university and course you have applied for. In order to get our students prepared, we have expert career and admission counsellors, who inculcate their all-time best pre-interview tips among our students. From strategizing how to tackle the toughest questions to simplest usual questions, we’ve got our students covered to make sure they bring their A-game when they appear for their interviews.

Airport Meet & Greet

No matter how excited and anticipated you are to commence the journey of your educational endeavours abroad, arriving and settling into a new place can take a toll on everyone. To guide our students and make sure that they feel safe, secure and confident; we offer the service of airport meet and greet. This is indeed one of a kind service that you can only avail with Lexmark Consultants. We have our trained and professionals agents across the world and they meet and greet our students right at the airport and provide them necessary support and guidance. Moreover, they make them feel that the name that they trusted for their consultancy is standing by them in every step of the way.

Graduate Immigration Route

Graduate immigration route is a great opportunity for international students in the UK, who have completed their undergraduate degree or above. This route allows students to stay in the UK and gain work experience after the completion of their degree. Lexmark Consultants can help you in applying for this visa and guide you in the best way possible. The embassy will start accepting the application for the route from 1st July 2021 and our expert visa officers and consultants can lend a helping hand to you to apply for the case. Our officers have complete knowledge and information about the nitty-gritty of the process and with us you are sure to be in the safe hands to avail the opportunity of this immigration route. From latest developments in the immigration policies to visa requirements, our officers and agents are well updated and can do the job for you in an effective and efficient way.

Settlement Visa/Spouse Visa

For International students, there are laws that allow them to take their spouse or de facto partners to the place where they are studying. And, we can also aid you in filing the case and getting settlement or spouse visa. Our sister company, Lexmark Legal Associates has expertise in dealing with settlement or spouse visa and they can act on your behalf to get the process done for you. Our expert migration agent stay abreast with the latest developments in the visa policy and they ensure that you follow all the rules and regulations associated with calling your partner to the place, where you are pursuing your studies.

Visa Refusals & Appeals

With Lexmark Consultants, don’t consider visa refusal as a setback. There’s always an option for filing for review and appeal. Our team consists of expert immigration agents, who have successfully filed for reviews. Before filing for reviews and appeals, our agents thoroughly scan the application and conduct an in-depth assessment of the case. If they come to the judgement that your visa refusal can be sent for a review, they suggest to do so and in fact, they file the appeal on your behalf.

Job Placements

At Lexmark, we believe in forming a strong bond with our clients rather than providing merely consultancy and advisory service. For this reason, we feel immensely proud to help out our students with job placements. We work with our utmost believe that our job doesn’t end when a student gets admission or when student’s been granted visa; rather, we believe in doing everything that will aid our pupils in carving out a successful career. Our job placement service is our another unique feature. Lexmark Legal Associates possesses a Tier 2 license, which enables us to help out our bright stars of future with job placement. Due to our Tier 02 license, we can say that we guarantee job placement for deserving students after the completion of their degrees.

Visit Visa Assistance

Lexmark Consultants offers the service of providing assistance in getting visit visas . Visit visas are classified as non-immigrant and short period visas for people who’d like to travel for holidays, recreation or to visit friends or family. And, we are here to help you get your visit visa. The process of obtaining a visa is very intricate by nature. The overwhelming amount of information regarding documents requirements, visa process, fees, and processing time may be a lot for a normal person. Plus, the legality involves makes the process even more sensitive. This is the reason why people often get rejections. That’s why we are here to guide you every step of the way. We have highly experienced processing team that conducts an in-depth assessment on applicant’s profile and then guide them accordingly. We provide comprehensive service that encompasses everything from consultation to documentation to processing so that you can be at ease throughout the process. Avail our visit visa consultancy service and get to know about all the paperwork and official procedure.

Studying Online Courses

In today’s era, digital learning is the name of the game. The idea of online learning became even more popular, when the world faced this cruel pandemic of Covid-19. In fact, pandemic or no pandemic, studying an online course is simply more convenient, easy and quick. Whether you want to hone a new skill set, but you don’t have time, if you want to return to school and want to take some classes beforehand or want to learn about a new field to switch your career; online courses is the answer to all these issues. The great thing about online courses is that you cannot only learn easily but this also allows you to add some international credentials to your resume without moving to another country. At Lexmark Consultants, we aim to serve students in every way possible. That’s is why, we have a few institutions on-board with us that are leaders and pioneers of providing online education. We provide complete guidance and information to seek admission in these online education platforms.

Our Values

Informed Decision Making

Our team of professional consultants offer up-to-date guidance to parents/guardians to help them make informed decisions with utmost security and confidence.

Students First

We focus on student’s interests and aptitude to give personalized guidance and ensure that every student gets selected in the top university and program of his/her choice.

Round the Clock Service

Our consultants understand that education holds utmost importance not only for students but also their parents and we are always available to help with all the queries and concerns.

Friendly & Approachable

Our ethos is to help our students and their guardians every step of the way and make sure that they can share any concern or issue with us in full confidentiality.

Work With Families

Our team of expert consultants works diligently with students and their families. By offering complete and accurate information, we give parents confidence to make the right decision for their child’s education

Building Relationships

Once a student secures admission in a study program, he/she becomes part of the Lexmark family. We would be available to assist them in making the right choice as each education decision-time approaches.

Why Us

Lexmark Student Consultants (LSC) is a sister concern of Lexmark Legal Associates and was founded to facilitate students around the globe. We are a Licensed Education Consultancy + Visa and Immigration Legal Service Providers based in London (UK), Tirana (Albania) & Karachi (Pakistan). Our services are supervised by certified consultants, practicing solicitors, and lawyers.

Our aim is to assist students from all over the world, especially students from Eastern Europe i.e., Albania, Romania, Poland, Ukraine, from South Asia namely India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and African Countries namely Nigeria, Ghana, Morocco, South Africa and so on. We help students achieve their dream of studying abroad in the UK, USA, Canada, and Australia. We offer 100% success in student’s visa application process with the help of our solicitor company Lexmark Legal Associates.

Lexmark Student Consultants also offer an added advantage of career placement opportunity to our students to work with our solicitor company Lexmark Legal Associates. Those who want to fulfill their degree requirement or get started in their careers can get work experience in the field of law, IT and Marketing.

Our goal is to keep the dreams of millions of students alive by giving them a chance to study abroad. Our team of educational counselors and professional immigration lawyers have assisted hundreds of students to achieve their educational and career goals and you can be the next.

Contact us to book a consultation and our team of counselors will gladly assist you.