Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Data Protection Policy at Lexmark Consultants

Maintaining privacy of your personal information is your prerogative – data protection at Lexmark Consultants.

Through this section, we aim to enlighten you how Lexmark Consultants utilizes your personal information and in what ways you can expect us to use your data if:

• You take our student visa consultancy service or any other service that we provide under our brand name
• You partner up with us
• You do business with us

At Lexmark Consultants, we use your personal information to carry out only the official functions of the consultancy firm. We pledge that we refrain from sharing your personal information with a third party for commercial purposes.

Students Data Protection
We collect data and personal information of prospective students who wish to avail our consultancy services, students who apply to an educational institute through us, students who are currently using our services, and students who have used our services. We conduct all our operational tasks and even carry out electronic communications and cookies by adhering to relevant laws. The main laws that we follow regarding data protection are Data Protection Act 2018 and the General Data Protection Regulation. We also follow Article 8 of Human Rights Act and Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations.

Data & Information We Collect & Keep
By following the GDPR guidelines, we keep the data for as long as we genuinely need. The type of data that we seek from students and keep usually includes:
• Bio data and demographics (such as: name gender, age, location, ethnicity, religion, next of kin information).
• We also collect information about students previous education records, financial information, bank statements, information about funders and sponsors, ID and passport. We also tend to collect personal information around criminal offence or criminal record.
• We also keep a record and proof of all our correspondence and communication.
• If you have successfully availed our service and scored admission and visa through us, we also keep information about your course, classes, placement and accommodation.
• We also use information available on social media. While doing so, we only use information that is made publicly available. We never attempt to access private accounts to fetch information. Also, if you post a query, complain or interest on any of our social media platforms, we keep the record of your username. We do that with an intent to make your experience with us better and to solve your query.
• We also use cookies to provide better and tailored information to our web visitors. We use a number of cookies to customize your experience. These different cookies include: mandatory cookies, system cookies, identification cookies, cookies to track cookie preferences, web analytics and marketing cookies, cookies for customizing your experience on Lexmark Consultants website, cookies for customizing your experience outside Lexmark Consultants webpage, cookies for optimizing content of our website and controlling and deleting cookies.

Sensitive Information
There are some types of information that falls in the category of special data because of its sensitivity. We ensure that we follow a strong lawful basis while utilizing sensitive information. When we use sensitive information while providing the consultancy service, we always back it up with the lawful basis that using this special category data is substantially in public interest based on the union or member state law.

Criminal Conviction Data
There are certain courses as well as employment opportunities for which we are bound to know about criminal offences. Whenever we process information of this sort, we follow all the guidelines that are highlighted in Schedule 1 of the Data Protection Act 2018 and the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act Order 1975.

Why we collect your data and keep your information?
The focal purpose of collecting your information is to carry out the core functions of our visa consultancy that you avail from us. We use your data to plan our services or to conduct the necessary procedures such as verification check, for accreditation and registration, and to lodge visa and admission application.
We also keep data of our students to facilitate them with work placements, internships and apprenticeships.
We also keep necessary data about our students to provide reference for them upon their requests.
If you interact with us or show interest in availing our services, we do send out marketing and promotional materials.

Who we share your data with?
We at Lexmark Consultants, always use collected information in the legitimate way. We may share your data and personal information with:
Embassies, universities and colleges, students loan companies, employers, educational sponsors, partners, accreditation and registration bodies.
We share your information with the mentioned entities to carry out the procedures of our services and after taking consent from you.

What are your data protection rights?
While we are talking about how we use your information and keep your data in a legitimate way, it also deems appropriate to share what are your basic rights with regard to data protection.

The right to know how we use and process your data and information.
The right to get access to the data that we keep and get to know how we use it.
You have the right to correct any information that is inaccurate.
You also have the right to erasure, where you can request us to delete your data when we have no legitimate reason to keep your data.
You also have the right to restrict the usage of your personal information. In some scenarios, you can request to make a restricted usage of your information or you can also allow us to keep your information but don’t permit to use it.
You also have the right to ask for the copy of data that you provide us.

Filing Complain & Reporting Data Protection Incident
Contact us if you need any further clarification about how we use your data or want to rectify any information. You can also approach us to report a data protection incident.

You can contact our team on the following email address:

[email protected]

Further Information
Lawful bases for processing
Data related to special category
Criminal offence data
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